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What to Wear for Yoga Classes?

We all want to look attractive and fit. But due to busy lifestyles, few people don’t have time for them to do exercise, do Yoga, etc. Even though we suggest you live a healthy life and give yourself at least half or one an hour a day.

Maybe due to several reasons or it is quite difficult for you to manage yoga at home so for that, we will suggest you join a yoga class. Yoga is beneficial not only for men and women they are beneficial for kids too. Actually, yoga is for all and every age group. So the first question that arises in your mind before joining a yoga class is what should I wear to my first yoga class So, in this article, you are going to know “what to wear to yoga” which provides you a great help before investing money at the right place. So, be ready for getting peace of mind and maintaining a good body structure.

Before buying the dress first decide, which yoga class you want to go to because when you join some Aerial, Iyenger, Asthanga, etc yoga classes they need good fitting yoga fitness clothes as intense movements are done. Similarly, you need to understand the concept of core power yoga and what to wear to corepower yoga.

No extra efforts you need to waste in deciding, what clothes to wear for yoga classes like Hatha, Kundalini, etc because they can be easily attended in simple dresses whichever you feel comfortable.

However, before landing on the topic “what to wear yoga” let us know some benefits of yoga.

Benefits of Yoga Everyday

Yoga is nowadays one of the popular talks. Everyone is aware of the benefits we get from Yoga. Yoga works like a miracle in someone’s life. Some key benefits of doing yoga are:

  •  Yoga controls our breathing rate and helps in reducing stress.
  • “Yoga” is a type of exercise that gives strength to the mind and our body.
  • It plays a vital role in overcoming Depression and Anxiety.
  • It makes us fit and helps in reducing weight.
  • Those who do yoga are more active compared to those who go to the gym.
  • It makes your skin glow.
  • It also works to build a healthy relationship.
  • It builds our inner confidence.

Points to Keep in Mind Before Knowning, What to Wear to a Yoga class

You can find various types of yoga classes. So requirements for the yoga classes may vary from person to person. Especially if you are a beginner then it is always good to do some research according to the class you want to join and accordingly choose the right yoga dress for it. However, there are a few points to keep in mind before reaching the answer of how to choose yoga wearing clothes which are important for both Men and Women. These points are:

  • Wear Dress which does not look awkward
  • The dress should not transparent and Inner parts should not be visible
  • Buy a good quality of undergarments espacially sweats absorber
  • Pants or leggings should be stretchable as you have to perform some poses
  • If your size is heavy, wear a dress according to your comfort
  • Never wear too tight or too loose dresses
  • Fix your hair properly before stating you session
  • Also, do poses carefully under trained trainers only

What to Wear to Yoga Class? (From Top to Bottom)

If you are a beginner and going to join the yoga classes the first time then we will suggest you gather all the important information about what to wear to yoga. Reading a full article can help you to choose the best yoga class attire.

The first thing is to keep in mind, whether you are men or a woman, is your put-on must be comfortable and the dress should not be the one that does not distract your mind while performing any type of poses. We don’t recommend you to buy branded dresses always but you should buy the one that gives you relaxation. This is up to you either you buy it online (some suggestions included in the article below) or offline.

What to Wear for Yoga Class (Female)?

Though the basic rule is the same for both men and women that you should wear the outfit that provides comfort. But first, we will tell you what to wear for women then we proceed to men outfit options for yoga classes.

proper attire for yoga class

Sports Bra

Choose the right bra which covers the whole part so that you don’t need to divert in between the class or while doing any type of pose. According to your budget, buy a good bra. Fabrics should be of good quality. Sweat-proof bras should be the first preference of your always. Secondly, if you are a heavy-busted girl then you need to be more particular for choosing the right bra for you as you need more coverage and comfort.

In addition, you should avoid the bras having any fastenings at the back. It can be difficult to perform floor poses while these bras on. Another good option is seamless bras. Though you don’t need too much support as like running bras still moderate support is needed.

You can check out different yoga bras online too and choose what exactly fits your requirements. Another option is to visit your nearby outlet and opt for the best one for you. A yoga Bra is included among the most comfortable yoga clothes. So you must take sufficient time to select the best for you.


best yoga tops for women

You have a choice if you want to wear a top above the bra or not depending on your comforts. For women there are different types of tops are available so choose wisely. But the top should be also good fittings not lose as it creates disturbance while performing any poses. So choose top tight wisely so that in case you do pose like an upside-down the top covers your head it becomes annoying. 

Singlets and Tank Tops are the best options for yoga. As they allow free movement of your arms and fit properly and stay in place during all movements. If you are not comfortable showing your cleavage then always choose tops with high necklines.

If we talk about fabric then we must say that always give weightage to the breathable fabric.


Wearing yoga pants is a good option for the classes. Though Pants or Tights should be comfortable and stretchable so that you can easily do any type of postures without any difficulty. Don’t forget to select the correct length of pants. It should not be too big. Choose pants ankle length and high waist. Another important fact is it must not be see-through.

High-wasted leggings are also very common and must have bottom wear for yoga classes. This actually provides proper coverage at your bottom which prevents any slip down while performing upside-down poses. Another benefit of wearing leggings or tights is, it helps your instructor or trainer to check your posture and alignment accurately. Always check the fit around your belly for better results.

You must be thinking why is everyone wearing yoga pants? well! the answer is apart from Yoga, wearing yoga pants as an everyday task is also a good option because it keeps you active every day. Even wearing yoga pants to work is also preferred by some people. So do not hesitate to opt for these pants.


If you ask, most people would suggest you not wear shorts for such classes because the clothes to be worn during yoga practice be comfortable. And Shorts are a bit uncomfortable for Yoga. In case you love to wear shorts, wear one which is fully covered so that you and your mind are not distracted in between yoga classes. Though there may be limited options for shorts bicycle shorts can also be used for yoga.

Yoga Class Outfit For Males

best male yoga pants

Women are more conscious than men when talking about outfits. But still, for a yoga class, what to wear to yoga first time? is the same question for men. Men should also have some knowledge of what to wear. As in yoga many movements we have to do so it is a must opt right outfit always.

Shirts / T-Shirts

Carry the attire according to your comforts. Wear shirts which are of good fittings so when you do pose of upside-down shirt comes to your head. We recommend you to have a cotton dress as in Hot or Bikram class sweat released, so dress for yoga practice should be of good absorber quality fabric.

Shorts/ Pants

For boys, we suggest you put on shorts of good quality fabrics. Not so tight and not too loose. You can also wear trousers. As in Vinyasa yoga, a lot of stretching is done so wear shorts or pants which are breathable and stretchable.


Other things which we should take along with us during yoga class are mats, props, some pillows, etc should be of good quality i.e. smooth. And no need of wearing any other stuff which creates disturbance while performing exercises. You can carry a water bottle too and a small towel.


The next question is, do you need shoes for yoga? well, the answer is no. Unlike running, in yoga classes no need to wear socks and shoes because you have to remove that before entering the room. So don’t need to waste money on good-quality shoes. And what about socks? do you wear socks for yoga? it is also totally your choice if you don’t like doing yoga bare feet you can opt for some yoga socks with grips which are available for both men and women both. It can prevent any slippage on a yoga mat.

But let me ask you do you wear shoes for yoga? if yes then you can simply choose the different light-weight good quality shoes designed for yoga classes.

Final Words

We think after going through this article your doubts have been cleared and now you know what do you wear to a yoga class which helps you to strengthen your weakness.  At last, we would like to say please give yourself some time to boost your inner mind and body. Understand the importance and advantage we get from yoga until it’s too late.

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